A cold front is forecast to descend on Greece at the weekend, according to the latest Weather report by the Greek Meteorological Services, following a mild respite today.

Cold air masses are expected on Saturday, accompanied by a notable fall in temperatures while the possibility of snowfall in some areas is not ruled out.

Today, shorter-duration rain showers are forecast, with areas in the Aegean predicted to experience thunderstorms, meteorologists warn. The weather will be milder in the western parts of the country, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Intermittent rain is possible in Attica, accompanied by winds reaching 5 Beaufort, and temperatures hovering around 23 degrees Celsius. Thessaloniki will see unstable weather with local showers, strengthening winds, and temperatures reaching up to 17 degrees Celsius.

For Friday, November 24, rain and thunderstorms are anticipated in western Greece and the eastern Aegean. From Saturday the weather will take a turn to the worse, as a “polar airstream” will set ends upon Greece, ushering in colder air masses and a new wave of adverse weather.

According to meteorologist Mr. Marousakis, “temperatures will drop significantly,” and storms are expected to intensify on Sunday as winds strengthen.

Substantial rainfall, storms, and snowfall are expected in the mountains of central and predominantly northern mainland Greece, he added, while on Sunday, a drop in temperatures is forecasted, accompanied by frigid northerly winds, potentially resulting in freezing conditions across the region. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation evolves.