After a series of warm and sunny days around the country a weekend of cold and rain lies ahead.

On Friday, rainy clouds and locally strong thunderstorms are expected initially in the west, center, north, and then in the northern and central Aegean.

Snowfall is anticipated in the central and northern mountainous areas of the country, as well as in the semi-mountainous regions of Macedonia and Thrace. Scattered clouds will hover over the rest of the country, locally denser with local rain in some areas, mainly in the Dodecanese.

Visibility in the morning and evening hours will be limited, especially in the west and north, while frost will develop in the central and northern continental areas in the morning and evening hours.

Winds will blow north at 5 to 6 points on the Beaufort scale in the west and north, and from the afternoon  at 7 to 8 Beaufort points in the northern Aegean. In the rest of Greece, winds will blow south at 5 to 7 Beaufort points.

The temperature will show a drop today and will range from -01 to 12 degrees Celsius in the north, from 07 to 19 degrees in the rest of the continental areas, including the Attica region, and from 11 to 22 degrees Celsius around the islands.