After weekend of cold, rain and hale Monday comes in with promising weather. Even though temperatures were low early in the morning (even -5 degrees Celsius in the mountainous areas of central and northern Greece), they are expected to rise come noon.

Sunshine will prevail throughout the country, bar Crete, where weak showers are expected.

Winds will blow north reaching 3 to 5 points on the Beaufort scale in the west and 5 to 7 points in the east, gradually weakening in the evening hours.

In Attica temperatures are expected from 5 to 16 degrees Celsius. Thessaloniki will have temperatures ranging from 2 to 12 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in Macedonia and Thrace will range from -2 to 12 degrees Celsius, the rest of the continental areas from 4 to 16 degrees (the inland areas in Epirus will be 5-6 degrees lower), the eastern Aegean from 14 to 19 degrees and the Ionian islands from 4 to 16 degrees.