Rainfall is expected today in most parts of the country. From noon, the rains will be limited to the Aegean, Crete, and Peloponnese, gradually weakening. Thunderstorms with possible sporadic hailstorms are expected in the Southern Ionian, parts of continental Greece, the Peloponnese, Crete, and the Aegean, and will be limited to the Eastern and Southern Aegean come the afternoon.

Dust concentrations in the southern parts of Greece will be relatively high.

Temperatures will not drop significantly and are expected in Western Macedonia to range from -3 to 6 degrees Celsius, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 1 to 13 degrees, in Thessaly from 5 to 14 degrees, in the rest of the continental regions from 2 to 15 degrees, in the Peloponnese from 6 to 18 degrees, in the Ionian Islands from 5 to 14 degrees and in the Aegean Islands from 10 to 17 degrees.

Winds in the Aegean will initially blow south at 4 to 6 points on the Beaufort scale, but will gradually turn northwest. A similar pattern expected in the Ionian, with winds blowing at 3 to 5 Beaufort.

Temperatures in Athens are expected between 11 and 15 degrees, with wind blowing north at first, then west, at 2 to 4 Beaufort.