The weather is expected to be fair across the country on Christmas Eve, Sunday the National Meteorological Service said.

Some clouds are expected over central mainland regions and the north, which will become more visible during the day.

Road visibility will be limited mostly in the early morning and late-night hours, especially in western mountainous areas.

The temperature will rise above the season average and will range between 10C and 19C.

The weather in Athens is forecast to be fair with winds registering 3-4 on the Beaufort scale and temperatures ranging from 10C to 19C.

In Thessaloniki, the temperature will range from 8C to 17C while variable winds will blow registering 3-4 on the Beaufort scale.

On Christmas, the weather is expected to be spring-like while temperatures will range between 14-15 degrees in central Greece and the south, and winds will blow up to 6 on the Beaufort scale.