The week is coming to an end and with it the sunny days we’ve gotten used to. Clouds, rain and storms are the key words for today as the latter two phenomena are expected around the Southeastern Aegean, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades. The rest of the country will be a bit cloudy, but without much chance of rain.

There will be limited visibility during the morning and evening across the mainland.

Winds will be blowing south at 4 to 5 points on the Beaufort scale in most of the Aegean but southwest in the Southern Aegean and south-southeast in the Ionian. Weak winds at around 2-3 Beaufort will blow at variable directions across the rest of Greece.

Temperatures will range from -3 to 16 degrees Celsius in Western Macedonia, from -3 to 19 degrees in the rest of Northern Greece, from 4 to 19-21 degrees in the rest of the mainland, from 7 to 18 degrees in the Ionian Islands, from 9 to 18-19 degrees in the Aegean, and up to 21-22 degrees in Crete.