Improved weather is expected in most areas of the country today with just a few clouds hovering over. Cloudiness is expected to locally increase in the east, however, which will lead to rainfall until noon, mainly in the Cyclades and Crete. Similar phenomena anticipated in the west come the afternoon.

Temperatures will range from -04 to 09 degrees Celsius in the north, from -02 to 13-14 degrees in the rest of the mainland, and from 07 to 15 degrees around the islands, even reaching 16 to 17 degrees in the southeast Aegean.

Winds will blow north at 3 to 5 points on the Beaufort scale, reaching 6, even 7 Beaufort in the Aegean.

Skies in the Attica region are expected to be mostly clear with a few local clouds in the morning hours, possibly along with some weak rain. Temperatures will range from 05 to 14 degrees Celsius.