A cloudy and rainy weekend for most of Greece is forecast for Sunday, as showers expected to continue in most parts of the country.

Central and northern Greece will see snow mostly on the mountainous areas while showers and heavy snowfall is expected in Northern Greece. Temperatures will fall and will range in the northern mountainous part from-1 to 8C.

According to the latest forecast data from meteo.gr the bad weather will continue through out the night, with snowfall in Northern Greece also occurring in low-altitude areas, while on Sunday (17/12) the phenomena will be limited in the eastern and southern country and progressively the weather will improve.

Stormy winds will blow north in the northern part of the Aegean Sea at 8 on the Beaufort scale until noon on Sunday and until midnight on central and southern Aegean.

The Sporades Islands, Thessaly and Evia may receive heavy rainfall until the afternoon.

In central Athens temperatures will range from 05C to 11C while some rain is expected in the early hours of Sunday.

In Thessaloniki temperature will range from 2C to 7C.