Today will be another warm day with mostly clear skies and wind, while some scattered clouds will roll in from the afternoon in several regions.  In terms of rain there still is not a drop in sight.

The southern parts of the country including the southern Ionian Sea, some parts of the Peloponnese and areas of Crete will see some clouds a bit earlier- by late morning.

Temperatures will be warm again today, as in the last few days, reaching as high as 29 degrees Celsius in the west and northern parts of the country. The eastern part of Greece will be between 26 – 28 degrees and, in the northern Aegean temperatures will be a bit lower, ranging between 22-24 degrees locally.

Winds will blow from the north across the Ionian, between 3 – 5 Beaufort and building up to 6 Beaufort in the afternoon. The northern part of the Aegean will see even stronger winds of  6 – 7 Beaufort and the central Aegean as high as 8 Beaufort. Fortunately, they will taper off a bit in the evening.

In Attica, the weather will be clear, with sunshine during the day. The temperature will range from 16 – 26 degrees Celsius with northerly winds between 5 – 7 Beaufort which will weakening in the evening.

Thessaloniki will be sunny with some clouds forming from noontime. The temperature will range from 14 – 28 degrees Celsius, with light northerly winds of 2 – 4 Beaufort.

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