Don’t be fooled if you wake up to clear blue sunny skies today in Greece, because foul weather is just around the corner and will last around 24 hours.

The day will start off mild in most of the country, with some local showers in the west. From noontime, however, the rain and thunderstorms will roll in and last until Saturday late morning, early afternoon.

Temperatures will range between 18-23 degrees in the western mainland and the Ionian Islands. The north will be a tad cooler, between 17-20 degrees, and between 21-24 degrees Celsius in the island regions of the Aegean.

The Attica region will start sunny and thick clouds will form from noontime. Temperatures will fall between 12-22 degrees Celsius and winds will be up to 6 Beaufort in the surrounding sea areas.

Thessaloniki will also be rainy with temperatures between 11-20 degrees Celsius and winds up to 6 Beaufort in Thermaikos.

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