The weather today will be sunny and clear, with the exception of the African dust, which will start to dissipate in the evening. The northern parts of the country may see some clouds that will also gradually dissolve towards the night.

The temperature will drop slightly in the west, where it will range from 22-25 degrees Celsius, but the mainland and Crete will experience temperatures exceeding an unseasonable 30 degrees again. The Sterea Ellada central Greece region and the Peloponnese may even reach 31 degrees.

The Cyclades, eastern Aegean and Evros will be a bit cooler, ranging between 25-29 degrees.

Winds will blow in different directions throughout the country.  The Dodecanese will see northwesterly winds, in the rest of the sea areas of the Aegean they will be southwesterly up to 5-6 Beaufort until the evening, at which point they will shift to northwesterly.

Clear weather is predicted in Attica, with sparse clouds, which will be denser in the evening. The temperature will range from 15-30 degrees and the south winds will be a gentle 2-4 Beaufort, that will gradually grow stronger by the evening, at which point they will turn to the north up to 5 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki, sunshine is expected to prevail, with sparse clouds that will thicken until noon. By evening time the sky will be clear and temperatures will range from 14-27 degrees. By the afternoon the winds will blow from the northwest between 3-5 Beaufort.

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