The African sand has left, leaving behind all sorts of weather in Greece including sun, clouds, rain and even snow.

Today the western and northern parts of Greece should see snowfall at higher altitudes and some small storms in the Ionian Islands, Epirus region, western Central Greece, and in the Macedonia region. The foul weather should clear up by early evening.

In the rest of the regions, any clouds and local rains will also dissipate from the midday with longer periods of sunshine.

The temperatures will drop a bit from the highs that Greece has been accustomed to the past weeks with average temperatures reaching 18-19 degrees Celsius, particularly in the west and northern parts of the country, with the thermometer nudging a big higher in the rest of the areas to hit 22 degrees Celsius.

Winds with mostly come from the southwest and range between 3-5 Beaufort. In the Ionian and the southern Aegean, westerly winds will blow a bit stronger at around 6 Beaufort.

Attica will be cloudy in the morning and clearer from noontime onwards. The temperature will range from 15-22 degrees, with winds from the west mainly 3-5, in the Saronic region local 6 Beaufort.

Thessaloniki will be cloudy with local rains most of the day with conditions improving later in the day and in the evening. The temperature will range from between 12-20 degrees Celsius with northerly winds across the Thermaikos gulf, between 3-5 Beaufort.

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