Thanks to northerly winds today, the skies over Greece will be clear of African dust, revealing partly cloudy skies but even some chance rain showers.

Generally good weather conditions will prevail as the day will begins with sun that will slowly turn to clouds in the west and north.  Some local rain showers can be expected from the afternoon at higher altitudes in the west and the north.

The central Ionian islands and the northern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios have greater chances of light rains that will give way to clouds in the evening.

The temperature is on the rise again on the west side of the country, ranging between 21-22 degrees Celsius respectively and up to 23 in the rest of the continental and island regions.

Winds will be fairly calm in most of the country, but the Dodecanese will reach 6 Beaufort. The Ionian should expect mild westerlies between 2-4 Beaufort and the Aegean will see northwest winds ranging between 3-5 Beaufort.

Attica will have sunshine during the day and local clouds late at night. The temperature will range from 12-22 Celsius, north-west winds of 3-5 Beaufort, which will reach as high as 6 Beaufort in the Saronic Gulf. But they will quickly weaken and from noon they will turn to southerlies.

Thessaloniki will also start with sunshine but turn into clouds later in the day. The temperature will range from 11-22 degrees, with northerly winds of 2-4 Beaufort that will turn to southerlies.

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