Today the weather across Greece will be hot and sunny, with temperatures expected to remain relatively high until Thursday.

In central and northern Greece, there will be sparse clouds with sunshine, while sunshine will prevail in the rest of the country.

The temperature will range from 31-34 degrees in the western mainland and the Ionian Islands, between 36-38 degrees in the east, from 34-36 in the northern mainland and 32-37 in the Aegean islands.

In particular, in the eastern Peloponnese, in the region of eastern and central Central Greece, in central Evia and in Thessaly, late afternoon temperatures are expected to go as high as 38 degrees Celsius.

Winds will blow southerly in the Ionian 4-5 Beaufort and northerly in the Aegean 4-5 Beaufort.

The forecast for Attica & Thessaloniki

In Attica, the weather will be mostly clear with the occasional clouds. The temperature will range from 21 – 36 degrees Celsius and winds will blow southerly at 4-5 Beaufort in the surrounding sea areas.

In Thessaloniki, sparse clouds are expected which will thicken at times. The temperature will be between 20 – 33 degrees Celsius and winds will blow southerly at 3-4 Beaufort in the Thermaikos gulf.

Source: MEGA Tv

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