On Thursday, there will be long periods of sunshine in most areas of the country, and temperatures will be cooler with winds blowing away the African dust to clear the atmosphere.

That being said, fairly dense clouds will gather from midday in the north-central Peloponnese and in the mountainous areas of central-eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

The temperature will range from 32-35 degrees Celsius in the western mainland and the Ionian Islands, in the eastern parts of the country from 32-36 degrees, 32-35 in the northern mainland and 34-35 in the island regions of the Aegean.

Attica will be cloudy in some regions with the possibility of rain in the north of the prefecture around noontime. The temperature will range between 24 – 35 degrees Celsius.

In Thessaloniki, local rains are expected from time to time in the surrounding mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. The temperature will be between 22 – 31 degrees Celsius.

Source: MEGA Tv

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