The weather in Greece foresees rainfall in several regions at some point today, with several areas posting slightly lower temperatures in than we have experienced over the past week.

A small weather system will move across the country, starting from the west in the morning hours, bringing rain and the occasional thunderstorm. As it gets closer to midday the phenomena will extend further east, into Macedonia and the eastern mainland. Meanwhile conditions will start to improve in western Greece.

The Aegean will see showers as well around noontime, that will move eastwards, towards the evening.  Thunderstorms will occur in the evening in Macedonia, Evia, Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

Temperatures will drop slightly in the west and north, reaching up to 16 degrees and approaching 18 – 19 degrees in the rest of the country.

Winds will blow from the north in the west and southern parts of Greece, between 4 – 6 Beaufort, with winds increasing to 5 – 6 Beaufort in the north. Winds in the Aegean it will range between 3 – 4 Beaufort.

A closer look at the weather in Greece today:

In Attica, cloudy weather is forecast, with showers from noon. In the south and in coastal areas facing the Saronic Gulf, thunderstorms are likely to occur, but the weather will improve in the evening. Temperature will come in up to 18 degrees and winds from the west northwest 3 – 4 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki the weather will be unsettled, with showers until the afternoon and then improving in the city, but in the evening in the south there will be thunderstorms. Temperatures will be on the cooler side and reach up to 16 degrees, with northerly winds 3 – 5 Beaufort.

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