Rainfall and thunderstorms are expected in the morning in the Ionian, western central Greece, and the western and southern parts of the Peloponnese.

Central Macedonia, Thessaly, eastern Central Greece (including Attica), and the eastern Peloponnese will be affected by noon, while phenomena will move to the Sporades, Evia, and the Cyclades come the afternoon. In the evening, central Macedonia and the Cyclades will still be rainy, the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese will also be affected, but phenomena will subside in the rest of the country.

Winds will blow southeast at 4 to 6 Beaufort and will gradually become variable and weaker as the days progresses.

No significant change in temperatures is expected as it will range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius in Attica, 09 to 17 in northern Greece and from 13 to 19 in the Aegean and Crete.