The weather in Greece will have a bit of everything today, so depending on where you are in, you may experience sun, rain, snow or thunderstorms.

Eastern mainland Greece and the Aegean will start the day with rain or thunderstorms, with particularly inclement weather expected in Halkidiki, Sporades and eastern Thessaly, mainly in Magnesia and Evia.

Higher altitudes in the northern parts of the country will be dusted in white with continued snowfall until mid-morning.

Meanwhile Crete and the southern Peloponnese, will also be a bit rainy today.

Highs will come in around 18 degrees in the west and south, and 15 – 16 degrees in other areas, while low will be a bit cooler than they have been over the past week.

Winds will blow from the north in the Ionian Sea, 3 – 5 Beaufort, while the Aegean Sea will be a strong 6 – 7 Beaufort, which will fortunately weaken a bit as we move into the evening.

A closer look at the weather in Greece today:

Attica will see rain again until about noontime, at which point things will clear up. The temperature will range from 10 – 15 degrees and the winds will be westerly 4 – 6 Beaufort, but eastern Attica may reach as high as 7 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki the weather will be clear, but showers are forecasted for Halkidiki until noon, and in the south early in the morning thunderstorms. The temperature will range from 7 – 15 degrees, with northerly winds of 4 – 6 Beaufort in the morning, gradually decreasing and weak in the evening.

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