The dust from the African Sahara desert continues to linger over Greece and may even turn into a bout of “mud rain” in some areas.

Local showers are expected in many regions of Greece, such as Epirus, western-central Greece, the Ionian Islands the Peloponnese, Macedonia and Thrace, similar to yesterday.

The north and easter parts of the country should see a bit more open skies with the occasional cloud.

Those in the Aegean will get the best weather of Greece today with temperatures ranging between 21 and 28 degrees Celsius. The islands and the east Aegean will see the warmest temperatures.

The African dust will be brought in by winds from the southeast, which will range between 4-5 Beaufort over the Ionian and Aegean Sea, but also in the Attica region and Thessaloniki.

Attica will be slightly cloudy with a yellowish hue, and temperatures will be on the warm side, ranging between 12-26 degrees Celsius. In the evening there is a possibility of rain.

Thessaloniki will be a bit cooler with temperatures between 12-20 degrees Celsius and light cloud cover.

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