Most of the country will bask in the sun and warm weather this morning, with the weather in Greece more closely resembling early summer than spring.

That being said, skies may still have a yellow hue on account of the high concentrations of African dust in the atmosphere.

From the afternoon onwards, in the western and northern parts of the country, clouds will gradually roll in.

The unseasonably high temperatures, which are an astonishing 6-8 degrees higher than normal, will continue today and over the weekend.  Highs are expected to hit around 22 degrees Celsius in the west, 25 degrees in the north, and up to 26 in the eastern mainland.

Temperatures in Crete and islands of the Aegean will gently ease a bit and are expected to reach 23-25 degrees.

The sea south of the Peloponnese will be a blustery 5 Beaufort, while the rest of the country will have winds coming from all sorts of directions and ranging between 2-4 Beaufort.

A closer look at the weather in Greece today:

Attica will be mostly sunny with a few clouds, temperatures ranging between 14-26 degrees and gently southerly winds of 2-3 Beaufort.

Thessaloniki will start the day sunny, but gradually thin clouds will cover the city and get denser in the evening hours. It will start the day with gentle winds from the north which will also turn into southerlies. The temperature will be between 2-3 Beaufort.

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