Fortunately, the African dust that polluted the atmosphere over the past few days will gradually recede in most of the country, with the exception of Crete.

The northern part of mainland Greece and the Aegean will have thin cloud cover until noon, but afterwards it will clear up.

High temperatures will persist across the country, exceeding seasonal norms by 6 – 7 degrees. It will reach 24 – 25 degrees Celsius at noon in the west and north and 26 – 27 degrees Celsius in the eastern mainland and southern Aegean.

Winds in the Ionian Sea will blow from southerly directions 3 – 4, in the evening 5 Beaufort. In the Aegean Sea, winds will shift throughout the day, between 2 – 3 Beaufort, and turn into southerlies in the evening.

In Attica, thin clouds are forecast in the morning and evening, and clear weather during the day. Temperatures will range from 14 – 25 degrees and winds will be light 2 – 3 Beaufort, also eventually shifting to southerlies.

In Thessaloniki, respectively, local clouds are expected in the morning and again in the evening, leaving the city with more sun in the afternoon and evening. The temperature will range from 12 – 23 degrees Celsius and winds will be variable and light, gradually shifting to the south.

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