Today, light to moderate rains are expected in northern Greece, with temporary storms in the afternoon, some snow in the mountains, with weather gradually improving in the evening in Macedonia and Thrace. Meanwhile, rains will intensify at night in the northern Aegean.

In the rest of Greece’s regions, one should expect it to be partially cloudy, with generally clear weather in the east and on the rest of the Aegean islands.

Crete will likely experience light showers midday and afternoon, while western Greece, such as the central Ionian islands, western Sterea Ellada and the Peloponnese will see rain in the evening.

Temperatures will reach 14-16 in the north of the country, 18-19 in the rest of the regions, and up to 20 maximum in the eastern continental parts of the country.

The winds will blow from west directions 3-4 Beaufort, locally in the Ionian 5 Beaufort and in the southern Aegean 6 Beaufort.

In Attica, the weather will be clear, with sunshine and sporadic clouds in the afternoon, a small chance of rain in the north of the prefecture, in the late afternoon and early afternoon. The temperature will range from 10-19 degrees, with westerly winds of 2-4 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki, light to moderate rains will occur throughout the day and will stop in the late evening. The temperature will range from 9-16 degrees, variable winds 2-3 Beaufort

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