Today the weather in Greece will carry a bit of everything traditionally seen in late spring and early summer – sun, clouds and rain.

That being said, the forecasted heat wave will slowly set in, starting from today, in the west and south of the country.  Keep in mind that high levels of African dust are also predicted over the next few days.

For today, however, clouds are predicted for most of northern Greece, along with intermittent rains in Macedonia and Thrace that will ease up by the afternoon.

The opposite will happen in the western and southern parts of Greece, which will start with sun and become cloudy by midday with local showers likely on continental Greece.

The eastern Aegean will be the exception to the above where weather will remain clear all day.

Temperatures will reach 27 degrees Celsius in the west and south, 20-21 degrees in the north and 24-25 degrees in the rest of the regions.

Winds across the country will range between 3-6 Beaufort, with winds falling on the stronger side in the south of Greece and northeast Aegean.

Attica will start off clear and gradually change to cloudy and maybe even a bit dusty as African sands begin to sweep the country, with temperatures reaching 24 degrees and changeable winds between 2-3 Beaufort.

Thessaloniki will be like much of the north, seeing dense clouds and local rains, with temperatures up to 21 degrees and winds from 3-5 Beaufort.

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