Today the weather in Greece is a bit of a mixed bag, with winds from the south slowly driving in the African dust, and the various regions experiencing a mix of sun, clouds, and maybe even rain. Today, be sure to check the local forecast!

The central region of Sterea Ellada will be cloudy and rainy, which will be mirrored in the Ionian islands, Epirus, Thessaly, Macedonia, and even in Thrace and the eastern Aegean from noontime onwards. As the evening draws closer only the northeast will continue to see rain.

Clouds are forecast from Central Greece and further south, but they will be interrupted by periods of sunshine. The sunniest spots in Greece will be found in the southern Aegean, Crete, Rhodes and Castellorizo today.

Temperatures are beginning to rise ahead of this weekend’s heat wave reaching 30 degrees Celsius in the west and south, but only up to 22 degrees in the north, and 23-26 degrees in the rest of the country.

Winds will be strong in the Ionian sea, blowing from the southeast between 5-7 Beaufort. In the Aegean they will be east-northeast between 3-5 Beaufort and in the north up to 6 Beaufort.

Attica should expect clouds, local rains and temperatures between 14-26 degrees Celsius, with winds blowing from the northeast between 3-4 Beaufort.

The weather in Thessaloniki will be variable, with increased cloudiness, rain and storms in the afternoon, which will gradually taper off. The temperature will range from 14-21 degrees and the southerly winds 3-5 Beaufort.

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