Most of Greece will be partly cloudy, with the African dust still lingering in the atmosphere, particularly in the western, southern and central parts of the country.

The mainland, the Cyclades islands and Crete in particularly will have slightly thicker clouds, particularly in the midday and afternoon hours.

Visibility will be limited in the early morning, particularly in central and northern countries where fog is likely to form.

In the rest of Greece’s regions the weather conditions will be slightly better.

Winds will be strongest in the Ionian islands and the Aegean sea, where they will go as high as 6 to 7 Beaufort.

Temperature will reach 35 degrees Celsius in the western mainland and the Ionian Islands, 28 degrees in the north and 32 degrees Celsius in the island regions of the Aegean.

Attica will follow suit of most of the rest of Greece and be cloudy most of the day, with brief periods of sunshine. The temperature will range between 19-32 degrees Celsius.

Thessaloniki will be similar with temperatures ranging between 18-26 degrees Celsius.

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