Today the weather will improve compared to the past weekend, with sun forecast for most of Greece, although some regions should expect light rain. As a result, check your local forecast.

Local rains are forecast for Crete, Rhodes and Kastelorizo ​​until noon, with a chance of a storm in the mountains of Crete in the morning.

On the mainland, clouds will increase as one move further north, and scattered showers are expected in the northern Ionian islands and sea, in the Epirus region, and in western Macedonia.

By the evening, however, the clouds and rains will have dissipated, and the weather will be clear both in the mainland and in the island sections.

The temperature will rise slightly in terms of highs, with ranges between 26-28 degrees Celsius in the mainland, and 30 in the west. The maximum values ​​in the Aegean will be around 23-27 degrees, which are normal temperatures for the season.

The winds will blow from the north, ranging between 3-5 in the Ionian sea, but as high as 7 Beaufort in the Aegean sea.

In Attica, we expect sunshine with sparse clouds in the basin and temperatures between 16-27 degrees Celsius.  The winds will come from the north direction and reach as high 7 Beaufort in eastern Attica.

Thessaloniki should be ready for sun and clouds, temperatures between 18-26 degrees Celsius, and variable winds of just 2-4 Beaufort.

Source: MEGA Tv

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