On Wednesday, clouds are predicted in the continental areas, which may result in light rains from noontime and into the afternoon.

Rains and storms may occur in mountainous areas during the warmest part of the day. That being said, eastern Sterea Ellada, the eastern Peloponnese, and the lowland parts of Thessaly, will be mostly cloudy and rain is not forecast.

In the Ionian, light rains are expected from the morning and in the Aegean the weather will be clear, with temporary clouds and local rains at noon in the mountainous parts of Crete. However, by the evening the rains will have stopped and the weather will have improved.

The temperature will not change significantly. It will reach 25-27 degree Celsius in the west and north, up to 29 degrees in the eastern parts and 24-27 degrees on the islands.

A westerly winds will blow across the Ionian and the southern Aegean up, to 4-5 Beaufort. The rest of the sea areas will be 2-3 Beaufort.

In Attica, although initially there will be sunshine, from midday onwards clouds will develop, which will be dense at times. The temperature will range from 17-28 degrees and the southerly winds of intensity 2-4, temporarily 5 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki, rain is forecast in the afternoon and in the afternoon, and in the surrounding mountains, temporary storms. By evening the weather will have improved. The temperature will range from 17-27 degrees and the winds will blow from various directions, 2-3 Beaufort.

Source: MEGA Tv

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