Today the weather will start off generally clear, but it is expected to change in most regions during the afternoon with rain widely forecast.

Rains are expected from the midday and afternoon hours in the mainland, more so in the west and north, but also in the mountains in central Greece, as well as in the mountains of Crete. In the evening the weather will improve.

The temperature will not change significantly from the previous days with highs between 24-26 degrees on our islands and 27-29 on the mainland.

Winds will blow from southerly directions at moderate intensities in the Ionian, between 2 – 4 Beaufort, and in the Aegean up to 5.

In Attica, sunshine is forecast with sparse clouds, which will temporarily thicken at noon. In west Attica, in the areas towards Elefsina and further west and north, local rains will occur. The temperature will range from 17 – 28 degrees, with southerly winds between 2 – 4, but going as high as 5 Beaufort around noon.

In Thessaloniki, there will be rain and temporary storms in the afternoon, but in the evening the weather will quickly improve. The temperature will range from 17 – 27 degrees and the southerly winds 2 – 4 Beaufort.

Source: MEGA Tv

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