Launch day, Monday 8, 2024 for Winter Sales, running until the end of February, with optional operation of commercial stores on Sundays 14th and 21st of January 2024.

According to merchants’ statements, they are counting on the discount season to boost sales with this year’s turnover projected to exceed the 6 billion euros of the corresponding previous period.
The commercial sector invites consumers to take advantage of high discount rates in all categories of products. In announcements to traders’ associations, it is reminded that in every price reduction announcement, the previous price before the implementation of the reduction must be indicated.

It is emphasized that in the event of an inspection, traders must be able to prove that the old selling price indicated on the signboard reflects reality. Violators of discount and reduced price regulations face fines equal to 1% of their annual turnover, not less than 10,000 euros. If discounts are found to be inaccurate or misleading, fines of 2% of annual turnover, not less than 20,000 euros, are imposed.

The Union of Consumer Workers of Greece advises consumers to be particularly careful so as to avoid falling victim to misleading ‘offers.’
Consumers should conduct market research, checking not only the price (original and new) but also the product’s quality. Search online for the product’s price based on its code or model number to ensure the found price is the most favorable. Make a list of their purchases, aligning them with their budgets.
Furthermore, they are advised to be informed about the details and terms of their transactions, especially regarding installments. Also they should keep in mind that products should display the original price alongside the offer price (not just the discount percentage).
Finally, be aware of offers with a no exchange option, and always ask for a receipt in case the purchased product is defective and they wish to return or exchange it.