Greek pole vaulter Emmanouil Karalis made history on Thursday night as he set a new national record in the Greek pole vault event.

The 25-year-old athlete followed up his exceptional showing at the Rome 2024 European Championship where he clinched the silver medal, breaking the national record on Thursday night, flying over 5.92 meters.

Emmanouil Karalis confirmed his superb form at the Bydgoszcz meeting in Poland after his solid jumps at the “Fly Athens” event, as he broke the Greek pole vault record held by Kostas Filippidis (5.91) since 2015 by a centimeter.

The top Greek pole vaulter started his competition with a successful attempt at 5.55 meters, cleared 5.75 meters on his second try, 5.82 meters on his first try, and skipped 5.87 meters (his previous personal best) to conserve energy for 5.92 meters.

At this height, he cleared the bar on his second attempt, setting a new national record. He then made three attempts at 6.02 meters.

Ernest John Obiena from the Philippines took first place in the Bydgoszcz meeting clearing 5.97 meters.