Olympiacos FC this week unveiled its commemorative centennial emblem, days before the popular Piraeus club travels only a few kilometers from its home pitch to play in the Europa Conference League final against Fiorentina in Athens – its first-ever appearance in a final for a European championship.

The commemorative emblem was presented on all of the club’s social media accounts, accompanied by a video. The number “100”, itself framed by two golden laurels, is featured beneath the iconic and eternal laurel-crowned adolescent.

“Red for our passion; white for our pure love; gold for our legendary history and glory” is one of the themes heard in the video.

In a related development this week, Olympiacos FC announced that the Conference League final at the Nea Philadelphia district’s OPAP Arena is an occasion for the Olympiacos and its fans to “promote Greece for an unforgettable football celebration.” The venue, however, will not be called OPAP Arena for the match, as the European football federation does not use the name of sponsors of stadiums in such competitions.

The announcement added that Olympiacos FC is certain that “our lucky fans who will be at the OPAP Arena on May 29 for the grand UEFA Europa Conference League final will show their absolute respect for final’s home ground.” The purpose-built stadium in Nea Philadelphia has a capacity of 32,500 seats, with Fiorentina fans also expected to purchase all of the tickets allocated to the Seria A team from Florence.

The 2023/24 season has been among the most memorable in Olympiacos’ history, as the U-19 football team won this year’s UEFA Youth League championship after defeating Milan 3-0 last month in the final played in Nyon, Switzerland, the seat of European football.