A significant dialogue unfolded between Christina Alexopoulou, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure responsible for Transportation, and Elena Rapti, the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

The focus was placed on the forthcoming steps toward the full activation of the National Coordination Center for Cycling and the Task Force for executing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two Ministries. This collaboration, in conjunction with Eurovelo and KEDKE (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece), aims to promote bicycle tourism in Greece.

Of particular note was the island of Leros, recognized for its bike-friendly infrastructure and certification processes fostering a welcoming environment for cyclists. The imperative to proliferate the use of electric bicycles (e-bikes) through the utilization of available financial resources also took precedence during their deliberations.

The discourse extended to encompass “Railbiking,” an outdoor pursuit experiencing rapid growth throughout Europe. Both ministers underscored their shared ambition: breathing new life into disused railway networks nestled in regions of exquisite natural allure. Simultaneously, they aimed to cultivate and elevate the scope of bicycle tourism in these areas.

In conclusion, a consensus was reached to establish a close-knit collaboration between the ministries, fostering technical exchanges. This partnership is envisioned to expedite the implementation of outlined plans and bolster the propagation of cycling culture across Greece.