The Greek government is set to include an amendment in an omnibus bill allowing owners of illegal tourist structures erected in streambeds (dry streams) to legalize their buildings.

According to reports, the new amendment will stipulate that tourist enterprises will have a one-year grace period to inform the local authorities about the water flow capacity in the streambed.

The new regulation will affect tourist facilities or accompanying works erected or under construction in the streambed of small ravines, with building permits or other administrative acts issued before a 1979 law, which regulates various urban planning issues.

The regulation will specify the streams whose beds have been replaced by an open or closed cross-section, in the same or different location.

The new regulations in the omnibus bill will also provide incentives for the reopening, upgrading, and reuse of tourist accommodations out of operation for over 15 years. This will apply to hotels, campgrounds, youth hostels, complex tourist accommodations, condo hotels, and mixed tourist accommodations (hotels combined with furnished residences).

The omnibus bill tabled by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy is expected to be put up for public consultation in the coming days.