The popular French travel platform has featured two Greek beaches in Andros and Alonnisos in its inaugural list, curated from a recent extensive study by Lonely Planet. This list, unveiled ahead of the summer season, showcases the 15 best beaches in Europe that are bound to captivate the traveling audience.

Ranked 11th is Andros, a Cycladic island, featuring the captivating “Tis Grias to Pidima Beach,” renowned for its mesmerizing hues and distinctive rocky formations submerged in the sea.

Andros is showing a new dynamic, attracting tourists even outside the peak tourist season. Visitor numbers over the past long weekends were at high levels, with arrivals on Clean Monday specifically showing a 40.4% increase compared to last year.

Nikos Moustakas, the appointed municipal tourism advisor of the Municipality of Andros, emphasizes that the island’s climate, charming villages, top-notch services, and stunning coastline bring summer early, providing quality travel experiences that are not overly expensive.

Following, is the Sporades island of Alonnisos, securing the 15th position with its remarkable “Kokkinokastro” beach. This breathtaking shoreline slices through the crystal-clear waters of the island, leaving unforgettable impressions on visitors.

Konstantinos Hlivas, President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Alonnisos, emphasizes that the island offers relaxation on exotic beaches, authentic cuisine, and a range of rejuvenating activities like marine excursions and nature exploration.

He notes that their efforts align with international markets like France. Hlivas adds that Alonnisos’ rise as a top destination for 2024, according to Le Figaro and Die Welt, reflects the growing preference for quality travel experiences over standardized ones.

Apart from Andros and Alonnisos, the list includes beaches from France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, and Iceland.