Holiday home demand in Greece saw a notable uptick of 11.8% in the first quarter of 2024, with a strong preference shown by British, German, and American buyers eyeing properties along the picturesque Aegean and Ionian coastlines.

Greece’s sixth-place ranking in the 2024 International Living survey’s Global Retirement Index highlights its allure as a haven for retirees seeking serene retreats.

Factors such as abundant sunshine, a wealth of 625 Blue Flag beaches, flexible retirement visa options, and the renowned Mediterranean diet contribute to Greece’s appeal.

Despite the rising cost of living, Greece maintains its reputation as a cost-effective choice, offering housing prices around 75% lower than those in the USA. The country’s rich historical heritage further enhances its charm.

Yet, challenges persist, including the mounting living expenses that threaten Greece’s competitive standing.

Additionally, balancing the surge in demand with the needs of local residents presents a complex task.

Moreover, the looming spectre of climate change poses a significant risk, with anticipated higher temperatures, water scarcity issues, and extreme weather events potentially dimming Greece’s long-term attractiveness.