The Greek Island of Andros is among Spanish daily newspaper El Pais’s top picks as an alternative destination, recommending the beautiful island to its readers to enjoy their holidays.

As the online version of the Madrid-based media outlet reports: “Andros is a destination with potential that can make a difference,” including the Cycladic Island in its 10 best European places to visit in 2024.

The article underlines the tranquil pace of the island as it is not inundated with many visitors, adding it has nothing to envy from the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Urging its millions of readers to abandon the typical “touristy” vacations and visit the Greek island, El Pais draws attention to the famous “To Pidima Tis Grias” beach using a striking photograph in the piece.

Andros is in 5th place on the news outlet’s top 10 list, singing the praises of its pristine beaches, archaeological sites, mountainous areas, impressive vegetation, neoclassical mansions, and beautiful villages that have “escaped from the traps of mass commercialized tourism”, focusing on the Andros Routes initiative to create an impressive hiking network.

An additional advantage is the island’s proximity to Athens providing great convenience for the traveler. The “top ten” of alternative destinations of EL PAIS include Tartu in Estonia, Treviso, Austrian Kufstein, Lapland, Freiburg, Delft in the Netherlands, Braga in Portugal, the Swiss National Park, and the Norwegian Senja.