Greek hoteliers are optimistic about this year’s tourist season following their participation in the International Tourism Fair ITB, which ended last week. Bookings are on the rise by up to 10% compared to last year, potentially setting new records for arrivals and revenue in Greece.

The majority of destinations are experiencing increased bookings, signaling strong interest from tour operators in Northern and Western Europe.

With a focused presence at ITB and strengthened cooperation with the Greek National Tourism Organization, hoteliers aim to convey a positive message. Angelos Kallias, General Secretary of the Greek Tourism Confederation (POX), emphasizes that guests can enjoy exceptional hospitality and experiences not only on the islands but also on the mainland throughout the year.

Increased bookings are observed in popular destinations like Rhodes and Crete, as well as in less frequented areas like the Pieria coastline. The Pierian Organization for Tourism Development and Promotion (POTAP) reports heightened interest from Germany’s leading tour operator, “Alltours,” and other travel groups.

The Greek National Tourism Organization, under the leadership of Mr. Dimitris Fragakis, continues its collaboration with POX since 2021 to promote mainland Greece as a tourist destination. They’ve organized special events abroad to showcase experiences beyond sun and sea, alongside targeted campaigns for the Greek winter and Greekend.

However, despite the positive outlook, the two most popular islands in the Cyclades, Mykonos, and Santorini, struggled to reverse the “No Mykonos, No Santorini” trend from last year. Initial data indicates a nearly 10% decrease, with Santorini Airport recording a 9.3% drop in arrivals and Mykonos Airport seeing a decrease of 5.6% in 2023, according to INSETE.