This year’s tourism season in Greece is on a strong upward trajectory, buoyed by positive indicators and emerging trends. Projections suggest that international arrivals will match or slightly exceed last year’s numbers, with early reports indicating a promising outlook reminiscent of, and slightly surpassing, 2023 for Greek tourist destinations.

Industry insiders observe that despite geopolitical challenges and inflationary pressures in key European markets, Greek tourism maintains its upward momentum following the record-breaking year of 2023. It’s anticipated that receipts will experience a modest increase in 2024.

Meanwhile, the top Greek tourist destinations such as Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, and Halkidiki are poised to set new records, with industry experts noting the rise of fresh travel patterns. Notably, there’s a noticeable trend this year towards extending the summer season, with September and October witnessing heightened demand compared to previous years. This shift is attributed to both lower prices and more favorable weather conditions.

What is more, major tour operators like TUI and have added more flights and packages to popular island destinations in Greece. Additionally, they have incorporated new Greek destinations into their programs.

Furthermore, there’s a growing preference among tourists for lesser-known island and mainland destinations, driven by their appealing prices and less crowded environments. This diversification in travel choices also contributes to the extension of the tourist season beyond the traditional peak months of July and August.