The verdant island of Samos and its easy access from Turkey have attracted the attention of several prominent media outlets in the neighboring country. This spotlight comes in the wake of the implementation of an express seven-day visa scheme for Turkish citizens to directly arrive on a bevy of eastern Aegean islands and issue one at the port of entry.

A recent feature on the entertainment website plays up Samos as one of Greece’s most remarkable islands, boasting azure waters, lush landscapes and a rich history.

As the birthplace of ancient philosopher and polymath Pythagoras, the island also entails a cultural and historical significance, making it a must-visit destination for Turkish travelers.

At the same time, CNN Turk and the Turkish mass daily Milliyet also promoted the island of Pythagoras, offering details on ferry and air connections from various Turkish cities.

According to tourism experts, Samos provides a diverse holiday experience that meets the preferences of Turkish travelers. The increase in tourist arrivals from the neighboring country to the island is evident following the implementation of the seven-day express tourist visa, which began on April 1 and will be available year-round.

Paris Papageorgiou, the mayor of Eastern Samos, this week said thousands of tourists from neighboring Turkey have already flocked to Samos. In this regard, the Turkish market has the potential to extend the tourist season and bolster support for tourism professionals, particularly at the season’s early outset.