On May 15, 2024, in Stockholm, the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) made its debut appearance at the annual event of the Association of Swedish Travel Industry (SRF), known as “Resebranschens Vårmöte,” presenting Greece and its culinary delights to over 200 industry experts. Notably, there was a noticeable increase in bookings from Scandinavian countries to Greek destinations compared to the previous year.

This gathering, attended by over 200 industry professionals including tour operators, airlines, experts, online travel agencies, and media representatives, served as a platform for discussions on the future of the tourism sector.

Didrik von Seth, CEO of SRF, expressed gratitude for EOT’s participation and highlighted Greece’s appeal as a year-round holiday destination, encompassing both its islands and mainland.
In discussions with Claes Pellvik, Communication Manager of the Nordic Leisure Travel Group, it was observed that bookings from Scandinavian countries to Greek destinations have been steadily rising.

Additionally, EOT participated in the “Seniordagen 2024” B2C outdoor event for retirees, held at Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården on May 7, 2024, where Greece was showcased as an ideal year-round tourist destination.

This annual event, tailored exclusively for Sweden’s retiree community, saw significant interest from individuals aged 55 and above, who constitute a substantial portion of the country’s disposable income.

Greece’s islands, particularly Crete, Rhodes, the Ionian and Northeastern Aegean islands, and the Sporades, emerged as cherished holiday spots for many, with a majority expressing their intention to revisit annually.

Furthermore, there was considerable interest among attendees in exploring new destinations that offer tranquility and nature-based experiences, beyond the typical beach and sun attractions.