As the countdown to the New Year begins, tourists’ preferences in Greece and beyond are redefining the vacation scene for the upcoming festive period. In various hotels and lodging spaces facilitated by online platforms such as Airbnb, occupancy rates are hitting close to 100%, reflecting a surge in demand. Beyond the usual allure of mountain getaways across the mainland and captivating theme parks, a significant buzz is noticeable in Greece’s primary metropolitan hubs: Athens and Thessaloniki. These cities, particularly during the celebratory occasion of New Year’s Eve, are witnessing noteworthy traction among travelers.

Among the top preferences for travelers, who this year plan 4 to 5-day getaways, are international trips, with Central Europe and transatlantic journeys being at the center of their interest.

During the New Year’s period, occupancy rates range somewhat lower, from 66% to 70%. Notably, for return flights, Tuesday, January 2, sees the highest demand, with percentages already restrictive for those who haven’t booked their return trips.

Hotels in Ioannina and villages surrounding the city are nearly at full capacity, with demand even surpassing 90%. Zagorochoria, Tzoumerka, Konitsa, and Metsovo continue to attract travelers’ interest for another year, while movement is also noted in Dodoni and Pogoni.

Demand for Epiphany celebrations remains relatively low, with occupancy rates hovering around 50%.
Currently, Kalavryta’s occupancy stands at 75%, with local entrepreneurs estimating a full 100% occupancy by New Year’s, hoping for snowfall to bridge the gaps between Christmas and New Year’s.

Simultaneously, strong demand is observed for Arachova, Karpenisi, Kastoria, and Trikala Corinthias, while destinations hosting thematic parks, such as Drama and Trikala, are in the spotlight for families with young children.