The criteria for eligibility for the program Tourism for All was announced on January 5, 2024 by the Ministry of Tourism.

The program ‘Tourism for All 2024’ has new enhanced social criteria including:
– a 300 euro increase of the income criteria for all, compared to 2022-2023
– an increase of the funding in the general category from 150 to 200 euros for all
– enactment of new special categories of social groups that will be granted 300 euros including all pensioners, families with three children, single and widowed with dependent children
– doubled funding for citizens with a disability or parents with a dependent child with a disability.

More specifically economic aid is granted after an online application and a lottery selection process as follows:
The amount of two hundred euros for eligible individuals who meet the income criteria.

The amount of three hundred euros to individuals who are:
Single or widowed with dependent children, based on the latest cleared upon submission of the joint or separate Income Tax Declaration of Individuals for the year 2022.
Pensioners from all Funds with a final decision on the grant of a retirement pension due to old age until 31.12.2022, who meet the conditions defined by Article 2.
An amount of four hundred euros for Persons with Disabilities with a total disability percentage of 67 and above; as well as for selected beneficiaries with children with 67% disability and above, at the time of submission of the application in accordance to Article 5.
In case of individuals meeting the criteria of more than one categories, the application is classified under the category with the maximum subsidy amount.

Potential beneficiaries are citizens who have submitted a final Income Tax Return for Individuals by the deadline for the submission of tax returns for the tax year 2022, which has been assessed by the final application submission date.