According to the popular travel website, which draws insights from traveler experiences, there are five Greek islands that seasoned “adventurers” should put on their “to-do” bucket list, but also 5 more they should steer clear of.

Top 5 Islands to Visit

Kefalonia: Visitors to SmarterTravel have crowned Kefalonia the top island destination in the Ionian Sea. A suggested excursion to Mount Ainos offers breathtaking views across the Ionian. Wine enthusiasts are encouraged to explore wineries producing the PDO Robola wine.

Lefkada: Another Ionian gem that has enamored tourists, with its incredible Porto Katsiki beach, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches due to its impressive cliffs. The imposing Castle of Agia Mavra at the island’s entrance welcomes visitors to a maze of charming shops, cafes, and pastry shops. Visitors recommend a romantic walk over the picturesque wooden bridge.

Skiathos: According to the website, Skiathos is considered the most cosmopolitan island in the Sporades. Boasting over 60 beaches surrounded by pine forests, Lalaria is hailed as the most beautiful beach with its silver-pebble shore and azure waters. The Evangelistria Monastery, a refuge for Paliggenesia fighters, stands out for its hospitality, offering wine and spoon sweets to visitors.

Crete: As the largest Greek island, Crete offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and experiences, from hiking trails to exploring ancient monuments spanning from the Minoan to modern eras. The Balos Lagoon is considered one of the most beautiful beaches. Chania’s picturesque charm, Agios Nikolaos’ spirituality, and the grandeur of Knossos receive acclaim from travelers who praise Crete’s uniqueness.

Corfu: Corfu is famous for its unique Baroque architecture, charming kantounia (narrow streets), and vibrant nightlife. Like all Ionian islands, it boasts stunning beaches such as Porto Timoni and Canal d’Amour. One of the things to do, according to the site is taking the boat excursions leading visitors to remote beaches, offering magnificent coastal views. The activities highlighted range from vineyard tours to beekeeping experiences and romantic strolls through picturesque kantounia.

The 5 islands the site recommends its readers ‘relegate’ on their ‘bucket list’ includes the most popular one like Kos, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos. It becomes apparent that although success and economic growth are welcomed, they come at a cost.

Popular destinations can be downgraded due to their success, leading to overcrowding on islands that, in reality, are or at least were earthly paradises.