Greece emerged as the most Googled destination in 2023 among the Brits, ranking at the top of the table for the most sought-after travel destinations, according to Daily Mail.

Based on Google’s searches for the past year, Greece emerged as the top-searched-destinations for the British, while in terms of the most searched cities Orlando was at the top of the searches, while Greece secured another top spot in preferences, with Rhodes winning the “crown” as the most popular island.

Google’s list was compiled by analyzing destinations for which search interest increased the most in 2023 compared to 2022, along with keywords such as “flights to” and “trips to” the United Kingdom, to filter out non-travel-related searches.

According to the Daily Mail, the list of the ten most popular countries for citizens of the United Kingdom includes seven destinations in Europe, two in Africa, and one in Asia.

After Greece, the country most searched on Google by the British was Spain (second), followed by Italy (third), Portugal (fourth), and Croatia (fifth).

In the sixth position is Cyprus, ahead of Thailand (seventh), Egypt (eighth), Malta (ninth), and Morocco (tenth).

Regarding the most sought-after island destinations, the British travelers picked the Greek island of Rhodes as their top choice, followed in second place by Sicily.