Greeks who travel abroad prefer to visit Italy (17%), Germany (11%), and France (9%), according to a study carried out by the Greek research and policy institute for the tourism sector, INSETE.

The study titled “How Greeks Travel – Analysis of the Qualitative Characteristics of Travel in Greece and Abroad” revealed the most popular domestic destinations are Attica and Central Greece – Euboea (21%), Macedonia (19%), and the Peloponnese (14%), which are easily accessible by car.

The data indicated that travel abroad, both to European countries and long-haul destinations has bounced back.

INSETE cited leisure, accounting for approximately 60%, followed by visiting relatives and friends at 18% as the main reason Greeks travel.

Despite leisure being cited as the most common purpose of travel both domestically and internationally, the type of travel varies significantly, as city trips appear to lead international travel at 50% and beach vacations dominate domestic travel at 45%.

Touring is the second most frequent type of travel at 32%, both domestically and internationally.

When it comes to what Greeks find the most popular activity in domestic travel, it is eating and drinking (64%), followed by relaxation (62%), with enjoying nature and the natural environment far behind (36%), swimming, and sunbathing (25%).