Christmas is just around the corner, and although Greece is famed for its pristine waters and sunny beaches, which attract millions from all over the world, the country has much more to offer to the aficionados of wintery mountainous escapades who seek to combine the festive period with a few days of relaxation.

The team at Up Stories, a YouTube channel showcasing the stunning landscape across Greece from above gives us a “bird’s eye” view of arguably the most picturesque town in the whole country, Metsovo.

Perched in the Pindus Mountain range, at an altitude of approximately 1,156 meters (3,793 feet) above sea level. Metsovo is known for its breathtaking mountainous setting, traditional architecture, and rich cultural heritage.

Embrace the enchanting spectacle of snow-capped mountain peaks, resembling surreal paintings, as you stand in the square of Greece’s most picturesque town.

Welcome to Metsovo, a charming gem in the Epirus region of western Greece, surrounded by an endless fir forest that adds to the allure of this magical setting.

As you gaze upon the seemingly unreal landscapes, you might find yourself questioning whether such a dreamlike scene truly exists in Greece or whether it is a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Wander through the cobblestone streets lined with traditional stone-built houses, each exuding a timeless character that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Metsovo.

video credit YouTube channel Up Stories

Beyond its visual appeal, Metsovo offers a warm embrace of Greek hospitality, with local delicacies in the traditional tavernas, where hearty mountain cuisine and local cheeses tempt your palate. The friendly locals delight in telling you about the village’s history, known for its cultural significance and contributions to the arts.

Whether you choose to explore the nearby natural wonders, such as the Metsovitikos River or the Aoos Gorge, or simply soak in the tranquil ambiance of the village square, Metsovo unfolds as a destination that transcends expectations. So, let yourself be captivated by the snow-kissed landscapes and the authentic charm of Metsovo, an idyllic retreat that conceals within it an unparalleled beauty waiting to be discovered.