The popular specialized travel website, Responsive Travel, which focuses on alternative activities and sustainability, has announced the top 10 alternative island destinations in Greece for the upcoming year, offering unique experiences beyond the ordinary. The list can be found here 

Topping the list are Kythnos for ideal weekend getaways, Ithaca for diving enthusiasts, and the serene Patmos for quality religious tourism. Following closely are Amorgos with its beautiful monasteries, Naxos with its impressive nature, Syros with its distinctive neoclassical architecture, and Tinos with its rich history.

The list is completed by Karpathos with its traditional local cuisine, mythical Serifos, and Andros, which captivates visitors with its trails leading to wild natural landscapes and historical landmarks. The catalog is part of the initiatives of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). Representatives of these destinations, leading in new travel trends, explain to the Athens News Agency (ANA) the significance of thematic forms of tourism.

“Patmos has exceptional potential as a destination with a strong historical and religious footprint on the international stage.” said the new Mayor of Patmos, Nikitas Tsampalakis.

“Karpathos has those ‘raw materials’ that can differentiate it internationally. Our goal is to enhance outward orientation, utilize technology, better highlight special forms of tourism, and ‘blend’ with the culture of Karpathos”, noted Anastasios Milios, the new Deputy Mayor of Tourism for the Municipality of Karpathos.