The Greek island of Sifnos is included among the top 10 picks of the online version of The Washington Post for travelers who are looking for a “Bright Fall”.

Sifnos, part of the Cycladic island cluster in the Aegean Sea, is located between the island of Paros and Kimolos, 140km southwest of Athens and takes 8th spot on the Washington Post’s list.

The Washington Post article lauds the island, pointing out it is the ideal destination for tourists, offering exciting outdoor activities in a landscape of immense natural beauty with a unique culinary experience.

It is a second piece covering the the island recently, as ‘Low Season Traveler’, an online platform focusing on highlighting destinations during the low seasons also brought attention to the great prospects of Sifnos for travelers seeking off the beaten path experiences after August.

“This year’s September ended with record arrivals, which justifies the efforts of professionals, local organizations and the Municipality of Sifnos to extend the tourist season,” the Mayor of the island said recently.

The list also includes Fuzeta in Portugal, Santa Lucia in the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Barrier Islands of South Carolina, the Seychelles, Tahiti, Bali, Aruba and the Sunny Isles beach area in Florida.