As the holiday season is in full swing, ten beloved Greek destinations take center stage on the social media platform TikTok, showcased through the eyes of Greek creators who have captured, experienced, and explored these locales.

Well-known, as well as lesser-known places adorn themselves with decorations or snow, enchanting us all. TikTok serves as the stage where these moments are shared, becoming a platform for economic revival.

Here are the Top 10 Destinations:

Tzoumerka, Epirus: Explore the picturesque landscapes through the lens of @farawayfares.

Alpine Scenery in Mount Lakmos, Epirus: Witness the alpine beauty through the eyes of @farawayfares.

Warm Baths in the Icy Landscapes of Loutra Pozar, Western Macedonia: @tzatchickie takes us to the therapeutic hot springs in frozen Loutra Pozar.

Snow-Covered Elati in Trikala: The official account of Trikala (@trikala.thessaly) presents the snowy charm of Elati.

Epic Journey to Vitsa, Zagori: Embark on a scenic route from Koukouli Zagori with @the_wild_echoes.

Mountainous Arcadia, Vytina, Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, and Surrounding Villages: @thecookietraveller offers a glimpse of the mountainous beauty of Arcadia.

For Ski and Snowboard Enthusiasts: Discover four favorite ski resorts through the eyes of @katia.washere.

Beautiful Kastoria in the North: Explore the charm of Kastoria through the lens of @anastasiakotelidou.

Makrinitsa in Pelion: @kdexplorer captures the essence of Makrinitsa in Pelion.

Plateau of Lasithi in Crete: Don’t miss the beauty of Lasithi Plateau in Crete, as captured by @christien706.

Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or winter sports, these TikTok destinations offer a visual feast of Greece’s diverse winter landscapes, inviting users to celebrate the season together.