In 2023, Athens set a new historic record with over 7 million international arrivals, surpassing the 6.4 million recorded in 2019 by 10%. This increase was fueled by visitor profiles ranging from seven major tourist markets, including two “emerging” ones.

Most visitors come from established markets, with Americans comprising 18%, mainly 45-year-old couples accompanied by friends. On average, visitors spend 12 days in Greece, with 5 in Athens. 76% stay in hotels and resorts, with 12% opting for cruises. Athens is favored for its archaeological and cultural attractions (37%), with 22% valuing its direct flights from the USA.

Visitors from Britain mainly consist of couples, friend groups, and solo travelers averaging 41 years old, they spend 9 days in Greece, including 4 in Athens. Accommodation preferences vary, with 66% opting for hotels or staying with relatives/friends, while 10% favor Airbnb. Their interests include archaeology and experiencing Greek culture and cuisine.

German visitors are couples and solo travelers, averaging 44 years old, who spend 10 days in Greece, including 3 in Athens. They primarily travel for vacations (72%). About 60% stay in hotels, 10% choose private accommodations. Germans show great interest in cruises around the Saronic Gulf Islands, City Bus Tours and enjoy Greek cuisine. They visit the Archaeological Museums and Greek shops.

Visitor profiles arriving from France includes couples, friends, and families, averaging 42 years old, who seek to experience Greek life during their 9-day stay in Greece, with just 3 days in Athens. About 63% stay in hotels, while 10% opt for resorts. They engage in organized activities and are keen to visit marinas.

Visitors from Italy are couples and friends, around 40 years old. Their stay in Greece lasts 8 days, with 3 days in Athens. They mainly stay in hotels (68%) and also opt for private accommodations (10%). They prefer activities related to entertainment, nightlife, and shopping. They particularly love Greek cuisine.

Australian visitors are couples and families, aged around 44, with a passion for the sea and Greek heritage, stay in Greece for 15 days, including 5 days in Athens. 57% of Australians opt for hotels, 11% for resorts, while 16% enjoy cruises and yachting, with the rest (the diaspora) staying in welcoming homes.

Finally, the profile of those travelling from China includes couples and friends, about 38 years old, who spend 9 days in Greece, including 4 in Athens. Most (76%) stay in hotels and resorts, with some (10%) choosing private accommodations. They’re highly interested in archaeology and enjoy city bus tours and visiting other attractions.

Favorite destinations in Greece for most visitors regardless of where they come from are the islands, namely Santorini, Mykonos and Crete which are high on their preference, followed by Corfu, Kos, Paros and Lesbos.